Congo Looks at Legal Cannabis


The Congo has been well known for many years for its good quality cannabis and unique strains . African countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho and now Congo are moving with the times and allowing cannabis to be cultivated in their countries, usually sold for export under medical or research permits.

The government in Brazzaville, which is located on the Congo river and opposite Kinshasa, has given the green light to cultivate both hemp and medical marijuana on a 200000 Ha area. The Congo Brazzaville Presidency has agreed to issue a limited number of cannabis licenses to interested foreign investors.

A company has been created to offer logistics support services e.g. applying for necessary permits and licenses, allocation of land, facilitating imports and exports, transportation etc. and to partner with interested companies (all foreign entities must have a local business partners).

Should companies be interested in farming and/or setting up processing facilities, they can contact me at

Hemptons has been key in structuring the opportunity and will be assisting in vetting potential engagements. Only companies serious about setting up operations e.g. tunnel, field farming and/or processing and show they have the funding to support their Business Plan, will be considered. We are also considering companies that wish to assist in setting up infrastructure that can be outsourced to all the operations e.g. production facilities that can be shared by all.


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