Mugabe's Government to legalize Marijuana (cannabis) in August 2017, ✔✔


Copyright Fair Use, This is a news report, President Mugabe Command to legalize Mbanje
Mugabe’s Government to legalize Marijuana, (cannabis) ✔✔
South Africa Western Cape High Court allowed the use of Cannabis for recreational purposes and The Cannabis Laws are in an amendment process now. It seems Zimbabwe is following the footsteps of its neighbor.
Cannabis, know as as mbanje in Zimbabwe has always been part of the culture of the tonga People in Binga.
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President Robert Mugabes Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister Dr Obert Mpofu made an anouncement at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting in Victoria Falls recently that his ministry is in the process to legalise Mbanje.
Manje Farming is more lucrative and high paying than Tobacco farming, Maize, cotton, etc. Canabis has a ready export market in Netherlands. Not only the Netherlands, but other countries in the Western world as well Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more.Canabis Farming is set to boost Zimbabwes Economy by a reasonable percentage.The United States alone consumes $40Billion worth of canabis
Over the past 10 years, several states in the U.S. have legalized medical marijuannnn, while four—Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska—have legalized recreational use. Meanwhile, poll data shows that a majority of Americans support outright legalization for the first time.
Many countries already get part of their GDP from canabis.Australia spend roughly $3.2 billion per year on pot and Czech Republic gets 0.45% of GDP from pot.
A canadian company has already submitted an application to the Zimbabwe government to partner in the Canabis business.
Manje has many health benefits, these being…It may help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health.It can be used to treat Glaucoma.It can help control epileptic seizures.Helps Stop Cancer from SpreadingIt relieves arthritis discomfort.Boosts Creativity in Zimdancehall Artists,etc
Zimbabwe Government To Legalize, Legalise Marijuannnn, Through
Minister Obert Mpofu