Emerging as a radical fundamentalist Islamic sect in 2002 the group which at one time was dubbed the Nigerian Taliban for their similar ideological stand against anything western has certainly gone beyond its boundaries as a sect seeking to make their religious practices the order of the day in their musliim dominated Northern Nigeria. To my mind, just as the Taliban in Afghanistan used Islam as a tool to oppress and intimidate all manner of dissent and still promote global terrorism by harbouring al-qaeda just as Al-shabbab in Somalia that went as far as prescribing death sentences on Somali citizens caught watching football matches in the last world cup — South Africa 2010 — these groups will make life unbearable if they are given political power which is clearly what they want pretending instead to be out to purify Islam and make the purest form of Islamic practice through Sharia to be the order of the day.

From time in memorial this sect has said anything western is anti-Islamic and therefore devilish and should be destroyed. You will recall when in 2008/2009 without provocation this group suddenly attacked police stations across northern Nigeria, destroying properties and killing policemen for no just reason in states such as Bauchi, Borno, Gombe and Kano. The police responded by rounding up their members and summarily executing them. The world screamed blue murder, and we all agreed but come 2010, the group’s untouched members regrouped and have become more daring and dangerous killing anyone it hates and usually for the flimsiest of reasons. For instance killing a prominent politician — a governorship candidate of ANPP — who openly criticized them, a Muslim cleric was not spared either. A journalist with NTA and several other minor assassinations as well. Carrying out bomb blasts against Western Institutions such as the United Nations in Abuja and the Police head quarters in Abuja (after the IGP called Boko Haram a bunch of minor criminals who pose no real threat to national security), attacking relaxation joints such as suya joints, Mammy Markets in Barracks, churches and INEC offices.

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