Interim Chairman of the Cannabis Movement in Saint Lucia Andre Decaires has expressed
disappointment with Saint Lucia’s failure to participate in the CanEx conference currently underway
in Jamaica.
Leading individuals in the global cannabis industry will be featured at the conference which seeks to
address matters related to the legal cannabis industry. The local Cannabis Movement has expressed
frustration with what it sees as government’s foot dragging on the legalization of Cannabis. Several
regional governments have already taken steps to decriminalize cannabis with some considering its
cultivation for export.

Chairman of the Cannabis Movement in Saint Lucia Andre
Decaires Is adamant that Saint Lucia should be taking part in
the CanEx Cannabis Conference underway in Jamaica.
The CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo is a
business-to-business conference that brings together cannabis
industry professionals from across North America, the
Caribbean, Europe, South and Central America and Africa to
discuss the latest advances in the medicinal, health/wellness,
legal, regulatory, business and investment landscapes.
Cabinet recently approved the establishment of a Commission
to review and make recommendations on the regulatory
framework for decriminalizing cannabis with a view to taking
advantage of its investment potential and likely contribution to
Realizing the changing tide towards the decriminalization and
regulation of Cannabis by regional and international
counterparts, De Caires believes Saint Lucia should be doing
more to position itself to take advantage of the transformative
economic benefits in the Cannabis industry.
According to Decaires, there are investors lined up and waiting
to pour funds into the local cannabis industry.
Saint Lucia he says is dragging its feet on the matter.

Decaires says he has had discussions with CanEx founder,
Douglas Gordon to host a CanEx exhibition in Saint Lucia once
marijuana has been decriminalized.