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On tonight’s #HotboxShow we’ve got an update from the KZN leg of the DC’s #DesiredOutcomes tour and a full couch of guests. Charl will be joining us from the @JoinTheQSA arrest helpline with news of the 100th Stay Of Prosecution and cannabis enthusiast and suspension record holder Jamie Zeederberg will also be with us in studio. All the weeks cannabis serious and silly stuff coming at you live from 7pm on the DC YouTube channel:

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Durban Poison and Dagga Activism roadtrip

– Fields of Green for ALL desired outcomes road trip update

– How desperate are you to pass a drug test?

– Ancient Italian Skeletons Had Hemp In Their Teeth, Archaeologists Discover

– Confronting the cops about Rasta beat down

– Toddlers busting fat blunt. Parental advisory warning!

– Cannabis cleanse? Why big tech is giving pot businesses the boot

– Dr. Dooby – Full Spectrum Cannabis Solutions

Please watch: “The #HotboxShow Ep 108 Ft. Cannarite ”


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