Legal highs: the pros and cons of legalising cannabis


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Call it pot, marijuana, grass or skunk; the way we smoke cannabis is changing. Once confined to hazy student dorm rooms, its use is increasingly out in the open. From complete legalisation in Uruguay to the steady increase of medical and recreational marijuana available in the US, cannabis has become widely available in many places. John Walsh, director for drug policy and the Andes at the advocacy group WOLA, joins us this week to take a look the progress, and the problems, of the legal high.
We’ll begin in Uruguay, where it’s been a year since the country completely legalised marijuana, from production to sale. What impact have the changes had on ordinary cannibis users? And is the once-flourishing black market dying out?
Marijuana use is also becoming more common among the elderly in the United States as the march toward to legalisation continues there. We bring you the the story of senior citizens getting their legal highs in California.

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