How to Mix Nutrients For Cannabis


Learn how to mix the best nutrients for cannabis plants. Everything you need to know to mix fertilizers for marijuana. Simple easy step-by-step instructions and clear, accurate explanations so you understand what you are doing!
There are four things that matter when mixing nutrients for cannabis plants
1. Nutrient Element Ratio
2. Electrical conductivity
3. Order
4. And pH
This video covers how to mix nutrient solutions that have the correct Nutrient Element Ratio (NER), are the correct strength as measured by EC, and have the correct pH.
Learn and how to avoid nutrient burn.
Learn how to measure and adjust the pH of water for cannabis plants.
Learn why EC matters and why nutrient supplier recipes are too strong.
Using General Hydroponics Flora Series, Armor SI, CaliMagic, Diamond Nectar, Nutrilife SM-90, Rapid Start, Hone Forest TDS meter, and Apera instruments pH meter
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