Durban Poison Cannabis Oil VapeMeds Strain Review


Durban Poison Cannabis Oil Strain Review

A world-famous strain with many variants, the Durban Poison concentrate on offer through VapeMeds is the real deal. Durban is one of the oldest enduring great-great-grandparent strains (Durban varieties being widely available since the 70’s). Durban Poison originates from a secret garden near Durban, South Africa and was brought to the United States by none other than legendary American cannabis activist Ed Rosenthal.

Highly energetic and uplifting with a unique set of therapeutic effects that are varied makes this one suitable for a wide variety of medicinal applications. Further, this strain fits in well for anyone who needs their meds to fit into their active and/or creative lifestyle.

A Quick Run-Down On Durban Poison
Regarding primary cannabis variety classification, this is Sativa 100%, nothing else. Imported from South Africa, exclusively inbred, never hybridized.

THC levels in samples have been tested with as much as 24% plus additional cannabinoids CBD and CBN in varying smaller percentages to boot. While THC content can vary lower, this strain is widely considered to be one of the more psychoactive on offer here.

The sensory aspects of this strain have helped to make it such an enduring favorite of connoisseurs. With aromas possessing a distinct blend of both spicy and sweet smells (such as citrusy orange/lemon, cream, fennel/anise, etc). And flavors which can only be described as sweetness with intoxicating complexity that range from spicy anise to candied lemon slices. The vapor has a thickness that seems to fill the lungs before having an earthy, licorice, dank, piney smell on the exhale.

Daytime Uplifting Energy

Immediately after delighting the senses, a clear, focused comes on right away. Other senses (visual and hearing) might also be amplified. Any who suffer from distracting ADHD or Bi-polar disorder will appreciate this steady euphoria and focus.

Mostly cerebral, the effect of this strain is a powerful energetic ally for creative endeavors and daytime activities. Numerous reviews report that stress can easily be forgotten and fatigue overcome.

The happy mindfulness has been shown to help those stuck in depression and this stimulation also acts as a social lubricant by helping users feel more at ease, even chatty. Good news for anyone who experiences anxiety.

The version on offer here has significantly toned-down any edginess associated with older versions of this strain. Similarly, the primary medicinal benefits have been enhanced to include migraine and chronic pain relief, as well as anti-nausea properties. In part, thanks to the selectively bred-for CBD and CBN content.

An Espresso For Your Body And Mind

With exceptional THC plus additional cannabinoids, this is one of the very best ways to get a boost of energy while simultaneously getting the relief you need. It allows you to stay productive and mobile on a busy day while also being able to address a variety of different medical symptoms.

Nicknamed the “espresso” of cannabis due to it having such an energetically stimulating and clear headed effect on users. This strain provides fast relief, wakes up your focus, and sets the stage for a powerfully bright daytime experience that won’t let you down.