SA Police mistake Cryptocurrency mining rig as marijuana grow room


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video update:

SAPOL used brutal and destructive force, kicking in doors without a magistrate issued warrant to find cryptocurrency mining computers where they expected to find a marijuana grow room.

only in Elizabeth!

they hung up when questioned about who pays the damages

no appology, not even so much as a phone call, leaving the property unlocked, gates, doors and fence panels removed and broken, property free for the other criminals of society (the ones without badges) to pick over the scraps.

these cops messed up. The law has gone too far in Australia, something has to change when a computer warrants a violation of ones privacy and a destruction of property.

No special warrant was required, they acted under their standard abuse of power “general warrant” with no permission from a magistrate to forcibly enter. even a simple phone call was too hard!

When questioned, the officer advised he has NEVER SOUGHT A MAGISTRAITS WARRANT in his entire 12yr career… thte fact nobody is keeping them in check is disgusting!

He also advised that he thought that I would be more angry if he removed the fly screen instead of kicking in the door.

He went so far as to actually say the house was just as secure as when he found it, despite admitting to causing the damage..

What a joke of a police system we have in SAPOL

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